Our Team

Commonwealth Assessment Consulting is managed by three assessment appeal experts, James S. McClellan, Kelly Thomas, and Richard J. Ptakowski.  No other regional assessment consulting firm shares our legal, appraisal, and real estate experience.  Our country’s founding fathers fought the Revolutionary War to gain independence from oppressive taxation from the King.  Today, we will use our assessment expertise to continue that fight for our clients. 

James S. McClellan

Our Legal Expert

James is a Pennsylvania attorney that has successfully appealed over one thousand property assessments, resulting in combined savings of over $11.2 million for his clients.  As a founding member at Commonwealth Assessment Consulting, James provides a strong understanding of the appeal process.  James is responsible for determining if his law office or another firm is best suited to handle the oral hearing for your appeal.  James holds a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech, a Masters of Science in Information Management from Marymount University, and a Juris Doctor from the George Washington University Law School.

Kelly Thomas

Our Client Expert

Kelly Thomas is our Assessment Coordinator.  As Assessment Coordinator, Kelly manages client inquiries and guides clients through the assessment appeal process.  Before joining Commonwealth, Kelly gained real estate experience by completing her real estate agent coursework and assisting property owners at a national real estate agency.  Kelly holds a Bachelors degree from Bloomsburg University.

Richard J. Ptakowski

Our Valuation Expert

Richard is currently an appraiser trainee with several year’s experience assisting a PA certified appraiser prepare hundreds of appraisals for assessment appeals.  As a founding member of Commonwealth Assessment Consulting, Richard is responsible for compiling assessment and sales research to identify property owners that will benefit from a more detailed assessment appeal evaluation.  Richard will also perform an initial estimate of your property’s fair market value to determine if there is sufficient margin to recommend a full appraisal report for an assessment appeal.  Richard holds a Bachelors degree from Temple University.

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